The Physical and Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction

Addiction — it is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. If it seems like you can’t stop buying winter rompers for women or earrings amazon, you’re probably addicted to shopping. If someone plays video games all the time, he/she may be a video game addict. Among all addictions that exist in the world right now, one of the most common one is drug addiction.


It has become a huge problem in the world right now and even though many people — such as politicians and health advocates — have put in a lot of effort to lessen the cases caused by those with a drug problem, this dangerous addiction continue to rise. Why is drug addiction not good? Actually, too much of everything is not good but drug addiction deals with medicinal substances which directly affects the different parts of our bodies. The effects of drug addiction are countless and very dangerous not just to the user but the people around them.


Physical Effects

Depending on the substance a user takes in, the effects differ but is still seen all over the body. Once a user becomes so addicted or worse, dependent to drugs, their health is so much at risk. Some primary effects of drug addiction is said to take place in the brain. It changes how the brain works thus impacting how the body perceives  pleasure. Because of the regular intake of dangerous substances, the brain adapts to these changes resulting to addiction and dependence to drugs. Some of the physical effects of drug addiction are: changes in appetite and sleeping patterns, heart rate issues, kidney and liver damage, respiratory problems, and brain problems. Not only that, some effects is also seen in babies when pregnant women engage in drug use.


Psychological Effects

The first few times people start using is to cope with stress or pain, but then it creates a cycle that when people are stressed or in pain, they feel like they should use a drug. Craving is one the psychological effects of drug addiction — it’s when the addict is obsessed with the drug to the point where they really go an extra mile just to get it drugs. Drug addicts usually think that they cannot function without the use of drugs. Some of the psychological effects of drugs include: mood swings, paranoia, hallucinations, complication of mental illness, confusion, and violence. The psychological effects are equally dangerous as the physical effects, but instead of it being harmful to just the user himself, it is slightly more dangerous for the people around them. The friends and family of drug users are usually the ones most affected by these effects because they become a very different person and some become a worse version of themselves.


Drug addiction changes people big time. It causes a long chain reaction of harmful effects that do not only affect the user, but also the people around them. Here are two quotes for you to ponder on: Äddiction doesn’t kill the addict. It kills the family, kids, and people who tried to help”, and “Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside”. So before you even consider about trying just one, think again and just avoid it.

Self Love: Stick to Your Medicine Routine

Self love is slowly taking the spotlight among millennials, and it’s a trend that the older generations should follow. It means taking of yourself and putting your well being first than other things. One of the best ways to perform self love is taking your meds as prescribed, and you have to take it seriously.


For those who have health issues, you know very well about having a medication routine that you should stick to every single day. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. There are several reasons people often get off track their med routine such as misunderstanding directions, forgetfulness, unpleasant side effects, and the like. One should understand that there is a very significant reason why specific meds are prescribed to you and it’s so that it would not get worse.


If it’s so easy for you to buy that amazon sterling silver earrings you’ve always wanted or that elegant one piece jumpsuit you’ve had your eyes on, then it shouldn’t be so hard to make an effort to stick to your medicine routine. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to set an alarm on your smartphone to help remind you that it’s time to drink your medicine. It’s not rocket science to figure out the directions in taking your medicines. That complicated handwriting of your doctor is not an excuse. If you’re confused, pick up your phone and give your doctor a call for clarifications.


Some of the most common health issues that people have to deal with everyday are high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems, and mental health problems. These types of conditions are usually the ones that have maintenance medication that they need to take everyday. If not followed religiously, these conditions can worsen and may lead you to a hospital bed, or worse.


So if you’re doctor says drink this pill two times a day after a full meal, you better take that two times a day after eating your meals. Before you go crazy for someone or something else, love yourself first and check on yourself regularly. You should be your priority, all others come after. Love is the greatest feeling in the world and no one else is gonna love you better than yourself.

Marijuana as a Medical Treatment

One of the hottest topics today in the pharmaceutics is the legalization of a drug commonly known as the cannabis. There are numerous debates that are still going on up until today, to discuss thoroughly the consequences these drug might bring. Although, the sole purpose of the most medical scientists who have discovered this one is to alleviate the patient’s pain and to cure those who have less likely to live as of the moment.

Medical marijuana was discovered by the Emperor in China, that during those ancient times it was widely used to cure diseases that was hard to cleanse by their local doctors.

Currently, there are already countries that have accepted the marijuana as one of their medical treatment, however they are very cautious in distributing the medicine to the hospitals as it may be delivered in the wrong hands.

There are factors that should be considered before the doctor would administer the treatment to their patients.

One of these is the level of illness the case has, because there are specific amount of dosage that a person only needs to be cured. If the medical practitioner won’t consider this, then there’s a higher chance that the body can’t take it and it would result to paralysis or worse death.

Worry no more, as to ensure the patient’s health, the doctors won’t administer medical marijuana to a person that won’t even need it. They have to inform the patient the drug that’s going to be injected in their body, while discussing the reason why they would suggest medical marijuana instead of the alternative one. If ever the patient is not okay with this, then the doctor will be left with a choice of using the traditional method.

The patient has the right to ask questions in regards to the drug that is going to inject in the body, and if ever you have doubts to your doctor especially if they wear womens active clothing or a jumpsuits and rompers for women during the session, then replace him to a better one wherein you can trust your health to their hands.

Facts about taking the right medicine and possible cures

Just taking medicine will not cure it completely

What does medicine do us anything to us? The existence of medicine is too obvious, we may already have become blind to medicine. I would like you to raise awareness of the right medicine. However, medicine is a medicine, but there is still a disease in our world that does not cure with medicine. Speaking of high blood pressure medicine to cure hypertension, it seems to be correct to say that it is not true. I wonder if some people think that way of saying is strange. Certainly high blood pressure medicine has not contributed to firmly lower blood pressure?


However, one thing to think about is that hypertension medicine is not cure for high blood pressure. It is a temporary thing at all, if it stops regular use of medicine, it becomes translation to become high blood pressure again.It is a point whether it is true that the phrase “cured by medicine in such a state” is correct. In other words, there are very few medicines that will fully cure the disease. I will catch medicine like this.


There are receptors in the muscles and the brain, and the drug adheres to the receptor and affects people. Furthermore, medicine inhibits substances that should originally stick to the receptor by sticking first. Caffeine coffee is also such a substance. Caffeine sticks to the receptor inside our body and we get drowsy.


It confronts medicine correctly

What kind of awareness do you have with regard to medicine? What medicine will fundamentally cure physical illness …? It seems to be getting higher with your medicine dependence gradually. It is not surprising that consciousness becomes stronger as older people become. By medicine, diseases are surely cured. Medicine saves human life. However, we need to take substance substance abuse heavily on the one hand. There are merits as well as disadvantages. It is a translation that only depends on merits against everyone’s medicine. Drug dependence is a very dangerous thing and I would like you to focus on Kampo medicine perspectively from drug dependence avoidance.


From the perspective of oriental medicine, herbal medicine is also a medicine to cure human diseases. However, it is not a mass of chemical substances unlike medicines in the West. The medicine that can dissolve naturally in people’s living is rather Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is not an image that directly works on a specific part but a strong image that makes the whole body healthy by encouraging the whole body. In herbal medicine it will also increase immunity.

However, there are facts that we need medicine of Western ideas. It is an entity that can not depend only on herbal medicine. We need to incorporate herbal medicine, understand Oriental language, incorporate scientific medicine, listen to Western language, and to raise awareness of medicine more than ever.

The way we live is to associate with the right medicine.